We proudly present our May 2019 issue today! On over 150 pages we present more than 50 photographers from different genres from all over the world.


Content in this issue: Interview with Harry Aaldering

Columns by Thomas Füngerlings and Nikita Stupin


Our Photo reviews featuring: Sergio Boletti, Pierre Leblanc, Andreas Beetz, Roberto Manetta, Amanda Digiovanni, Davide Bergamini, Neusy Askew and Marie-Lou Chatel.


We also show the EYE-Catching Moments, a selection of over 40 photographers, chosen by our online editors from our Facebook photo group. In this issue, we present over 50 photographers on more than 150 pages! Read and download the magazine for for a small contribution fee of only 4,50 Euro (exkl. VAT) HERE. Secure payment via card or PayPal.


Did you know: The quality of our magazines is utmost important to us. All our issues are unique and custom made. We deliberately renounce using templates, scripts or any automatism for the magazine production. Instead, we put the creativity and free design in focus to allow to unleash the full potential of our featured artists. We hope you enjoy reading and browsing!